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Testimonials for Alan and Will:


Marie Borgesson

I can't recommend these kettlebell classes enough! I struggled with knee pain for years and wasn't able to run any further than 10k without getting a sore knee. But, after starting kettlebells once a week, I recently completed my first triathlon and I am now signed up to run a marathon and my knees are completely pain free!



LukeLuke Desborough

Kettlebell classes have helped me in all sorts of ways. It's sorted out my upper back pain by giving me the core strength and posture to combat long hours spent at the computer, and it's also really improved my cross country skiing.



Julia De Cesare

I started classes with Cambridge Kettlebells in September 2014. I had been blighted with back pain from a car accident in February that had knocked me out of taking up my London Marathon place. By September I was still only able to run short distances before seizing up and the discomfort was affecting my daily activities and sleep. Without a doubt, kettlebell classes have helped me to build lower back strength and enabled me to pick up the endurance running again so that I could complete the 2015 London Marathon. The classes themselves are very eclectic with attendees of all ages, shapes and sizes. Everyone laughs and groans in equal measure in a welcoming non-judgemental atmosphere. Best of all the classes are held outside which is a wonderful release - whatever the weather - from the confines of a work day in the office. Highly recommended.


SoniaSonia Attwell

I noticed a significant improvement in my run times after one term of kettlebell classes. It’s the only exercise class I actually look forward to.




CarlCarl Rein

Do you want to be strong? Do you want to have cardio? Do you want to hit harder and last longer in the ring, on the mat or just in life? Then train with Cambridge Kettlebells. It has, to a certain extent, been my secret weapon. Over the last two years of regular training I have come to rely on my kettlebell training and, if I am honest, it is my preferred method of training now. With regular training you can go to your sport training session, gym class, park with the kids and have the gas in the tank to last as long as is needed.

As a martial artist and cyclist, as well as full time teacher and dad, Cambridge Kettlebells has helped me literally to get fighting fit for a recent charity boxing match this year, last year it helped me cycle 1400km down the Rhine River, and win a silver medal at a national competition the year before. On top of those achievements, besides the top instruction, the community in classes is second to none. I don’t so much go to the class, I go to a very sweaty hang out with friends from all walks of life that have a shared interest in kettlebells and getting stronger. So do you want to be better tomorrow than you are today? Then try Cambridge Kettlebells and start your journey to strength and health.

Hans2Hans Keller

I first joined a Cambridge Kettlebells taster session apprehensively after persuasion from a fellow runner. At first I was a little sceptical, but knew to improve at running I needed to strengthen muscles, especially my core. I have now been going for 9 months and have enjoyed every class no matter the weather. The convenience of being able to exercise during my lunch break is a massive help. Due to the demands of caring for a 1 and a half year old, I have had less time to train this year, but by replacing some runs with kettlebell training I managed to cut my finish time at the Lakeland 50 ultra-marathon by 1 hour 20 minutes.


John Rawle

I've been attending the classes run by Cambridge Kettlebells for a few years now. Prior to signing up I hadn't really done any regular exercise (other than daily cycle rides to the railway station) for a number of years and needed to get organised with some regular structured exercise. I knew nothing about kettlebells before joining but just happened to see a flyer and thought 'looks interesting - I'll give it a go'. I'm really pleased I did! The lessons are always interesting, there are so many different ways of using the kettlebell so boredom is never a problem. The sessions have certainly helped develop my general fitness, core stability and strength.

Another real plus point is that it's so easy to actually do some work at home, all you need is half an hour and a kettlebell! I'd definitely recommend Cambridge Kettlebells to anyone who is thinking about kettlebells. I’m now hooked on cannonballs with handles.


John RebeccaRebecca Colman

Since starting with Cambridge Kettlebells a year ago I have seen a huge improvement in both my strength and fitness. I started kettlebell training using an 8kg kettlebell and I am now using a 14kg kettlebell. The classes are always really varied and enjoyable. I have seen better results after using kettlebells for a year than I have in the past five years of regular running, cycling and using the gym. I would definitely recommend the classes run by Cambridge Kettlebells as a great way to improve fitness and strength and achieve great results.


< John & Rebecca working out at a charity kettlebell event for Children In Need

Viona RundellViona2

I don't think you could get a better all-round workout in one hour than the classes run by Cambridge Kettlebells. I initially started the classes to help improve my running and become overall a bit stronger. One really great thing is that no two classes are ever the same. Having the classes in small groups is motivating and you are surrounded by people who share your pain, especially when there is an end of term "challenge" in store! If you're like me and never thought that swinging a 10kg weight around could be fun, then let Cambridge Kettlebells prove you wrong!

Sally-Ann HallsSally

I recently had a little taster of kettlebells on a boot camp weekend, where using a 6kg kettlebell for a pitiful number of exercises was a challenge. I'm astounded now after such a short time to be wielding a 10kg kettlebell. I'm certainly feeling the benefit as each week the techniques become more familiar and I can put more effort into them. I enjoy it so much I've bought my own kettlebell so I can train at home. I never realised I could get such a good workout without actually moving my feet! I'd been losing a bit of motivation with my regular running regime and hoped a new exercise routine would help. It has and more. My stamina is improving and as an added bonus I'm starting to tone up. Not quite a six pack but with a short intake of breath, it's definitely there!

Joanna & Kevin Harrisjokevin2

We have both improved our overall level of fitness significantly in a short space of time. Each session is structured differently and it's never boring. Great workout for all ages and abilities.