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What data do we store and how do we store it?

  • We keep your enrolment form (PARQ) which includes contact details and exercise relevant health and medical information at home.
  • We keep an electronic register to record when you pay for the class and what classes you attend.These are on password protected laptops which we keep at our respective homes, and which occasionally travel with us to courses and events, etc.
  • We are required by law to keep your enrolment form and the registers for 7 years. 
  • We keep your phone and email contact details in a password protected email account and on password protected phone accounts.
  • We keep email and text communications that we exchange in a password protected email account and mobile phone account.

How and why will we contact you?

  • We will email you before the start of each term of classes with details of the coming term.
  • We email when there is an administrative need relating to the classes.
  • We email or text you if we need to cancel a class.
  • You can opt in to receive invitations to any additional workshops, social events or classes that we are organising or delivering. Some of these may be free in order to fulfil homework requirements of a training course. 
  • We may occasionally email to ask if you wish to buy a kettlebell through us.This may occasionally include buying second kettlebells from other clients.
  • You can opt out at any time by emailing us.

Do we share your data?

  • Other than our email accounts and password protected mobile phones we do not use any other service to store personal data.
  • We do not share any information with third party organisations.