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group trainingGroup kettlebell classes would normally take place at the following four locations:

  • Bottisham Village College
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Hills Road Sixth Form College
  • St John's Innovation Centre

Classes at Cambridge University Press are primarily for staff, but if the class is not full one or two additional people can join the group.

Group classes provide a good introduction to kettlebell training, are highly motivational and fun.

Along with many other providers of fitness classes, we have changed the way in which we operate during the current Coronavirus pandemic in order to keep our clients safe, whilst still helping to promote good levels of fitness.  As a result, we currently provide most of our classes on Zoom.

If you have experience of using a kettlebell and would like to try our online classes then send us an email for more details.  You can take part in our classes from anywhere in the UK (or even the world).

Next Beginner Course

The next beginner course will be taught by Alan, starting at 12.15pm Tuesday 2nd March.  It will take place online using Zoom for a maximum of five participants. It will be a six week course costing £60.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  

Group Classes Timetable

We are currently delivering the majority of our group kettlebell classes over Zoom.  Both Alan and Will also have one face-to-face kettlebell class per week, which is currently suspended whilst Cambridge is in Tier 4 of the Coronavirus restrictions.  The face-to-face classes are shown in the table and will resume once Cambridge moves out of Tier 4.

| Online Kettlebell Classes with Alan - email [email protected]
Day Time Level Start Date Duration Cost
Monday 12.15pm Advanced 4 January n/a n/a
Wednesday 12.15pm Intermediate 6 January n/a


Thursday 12.15pm Advanced 7 January n/a


Thursday 6pm Advanced 7 January n/a n/a
| In Person Class at Hills Road Sixth Form College - email [email protected]
Day Time Level Start Date Duration Cost
Monday  6pm Advanced n/a n/a n/a
| Online Kettlebell Classes with Will - email [email protected]uk
Day Time Level Start Date Duration Cost
Monday  6pm Advanced 4 January n/a n/a
Tuesday 12.30pm Advanced  5 January n/a n/a
Tuesday 6.30pm Beginner 12 January 6 weeks £60
Wednesday 6pm Advanced 6 January n/a n/a
Thursday  12.30pm Advanced 7 January n/a n/a
| In Person Class at St John's Innovation Centre - email [email protected]uk
Day Time Level Start Date Duration Cost
Thursday  6pm Advanced n/a n/a n/a


All classes last one hour and are held outdoors all year round.


Cambridge Kettlebells have a try before you buy policy. If you've never tried kettlebells before and are not sure if it is for you, then you can try the first class before making any payment. If you don't like the class you can walk away and pay nothing. We're convinced that you will quickly see the benefits of kettlebell training once you've had your first taster.

You do need to let us know if you want to come along to a class, so please enrol before turning up.

Beginners' classes are suitable for all fitness levels. The very fit will be given a heavier Kettlebell than others.

If you know all the kettlebell mother lifts then you may be able to join either an intermediate or advanced class. By a mother lift we mean:

Two hand and one arm swings
Clean and press

All the mother lifts, and much more, are taught on a beginners' course. Once you've perfected these exercises everything else is relatively easy to learn.

If you have any questions contact Alan on 07799 684 755 or Will on 07967 184 342

or email [email protected]